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Atorn HRT Global Ventures Limited

We specialize in the production of organic and aflatoxin-free food, dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety in our agricultural practices. Our focus is on delivering nutritious and contaminant-free food to our consumers, supporting both health and sustainability. Mandate Crops: Our primary crops include: 1. Ginger: Renowned for its medicinal properties and use as a spice, our ginger is cultivated organically, ensuring a robust flavor and high nutrient content. 2. Rice: We produce premium quality rice, free from pesticides and aflatoxins, offering a healthier alternative for consumers. 3. Maize: Our organic maize is grown under strict agricultural practices, ensuring it is free from harmful toxins and rich in essential nutrients. 4. Soybean: We offer high-quality soybeans, perfect for a variety of uses from direct consumption to processing into soy products, all grown organically. 5. Cassava: Our cassava is cultivated using sustainable methods, providing a reliable source of carbohydrates free from synthetic chemicals. 5. Cowpea: Known for its high protein content, our organic cowpeas are a nutritious addition to any diet, ensuring food safety and quality. Year-Round Food Production: To ensure consistent and year-round food production, we are expanding into organic fruits and vegetable farming through innovative methods: 1. Hydroponics: This soil-less farming technique allows us to grow vegetables and fruits in a controlled environment, using nutrient-rich water solutions. Hydroponics ensures faster growth, higher yields, and superior quality produce, free from soil-borne diseases and pests. 2. Greenhouse Farming System: Our greenhouse facilities enable us to cultivate a wide range of fruits and vegetables regardless of external weather conditions. This method ensures optimal growing conditions, leading to healthier plants and a continuous supply of fresh produce throughout the year. Commitment to Sustainability and Health: We are committed to sustainable farming practices that protect the environment while promoting human health. Our organic farming methods reduce the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, ensuring that our produce is not only safe to consume but also environmentally friendly. Key Benefits of Our Products: Aflatoxin-Free: Our rigorous testing and quality control measures ensure that all our products are free from aflatoxins, which are harmful toxins produced by certain moulds. Nutrient-Rich: Our organic farming practices preserve the natural nutrients in our crops, providing high-quality food that supports a healthy diet. Sustainable: By using environmentally friendly farming methods, we contribute to the preservation of natural resources and promote sustainable agriculture.