ShortListed Solutions


We created a unique line of climate positive polymer biocomposite products made from a closed loop system with Co2 & non recyclable waste that are collected/sourced by previously informal waste aggregators in local communities. Green Axis uses a decarbonizing process to create climate-positive biocomposite thermoplastic products for manufacturing, construction, and logistics, made from landfill-bound waste, including unrecyclable materials and organic biomass, while Simultaneously using our platform to empower waste pickers and individuals to enable them to start, operate and scale recycling collection business/programs to recover waste from residents in their area for increased income opportunities. We turn local people into savvy entrepreneurs, giving them online presence, boost their waste recovery and collection efficiency and we then offtake both the valuable recyclable and worthless non recyclables which we either resell or further process in new sustainable products. The valuable recyclables are sold to recyclers while the non recyclables waste like organics and biomass including mixed plastic are processed using a carbon negative thermofusion process into biocomposite thermoplastic products used in multiple industries - from construction materials and consumer goods to furniture, car parts and even everyday household items. With this material manufacturers can make an easy material swap that advances their sustainability.