ShortListed Solutions

OneGrid Energies

We designed OnePlastic. The first commercialized low-cost solar lantern made from waste plastic bottles and e-waste lithium-ion batteries sourced from discarded laptop batteries. OnePlastic lantern lights up homes and small businesses leading to high income and productivity. It provides up to 20hours light per charge. Our lantern immediately and positively affect a family’s economic situation. It enables children to read at night without smoke or the risk of fire hazards, improving their health and performance in school. This eliminates pollution, kerosene lanterns, candles, greenhouse gas emissions, and poverty in slum and rural communities. To charge the lanterns, mobile phones and other devices, we install smart-based solar charging stations managed by rural women as a source of job creation and empowerment. This model generates income by charging customers for charging fees. All of these are managed using cloud-based platforms that monitor system performance, payments, and use. We believe that women have a key role to play across the value chain. This is why we have rural women as key players in our various solar charging stations. Locally recruited and trained rural women act as charging station managers, repair technicians, and customer care.